7 months since my last blogpost… oops. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let me start by saying I’m not hugely into halloween, but I am also a sucker for any holiday, so I had to do a few things.

Firstly, I baked a halloween cake. This was as much for the bake off final gathering we hosted as halloween, but it’s orange and brown so you know. Halloween.

I used a standard chocolate cake recipe, then iced it with orange coloured buttercream (I’ve been trying to get good at this- for my birthday I got so much baking stuff :D) and finally added a dark chocolate ganache as drips down the side.


P.s I took this photo when it was half eaten and falling apart. So professional.

Secondly, and this will come as no great surprise, my boyfriend and I carved some pumpkins together! We realised that this is the 4th year in a row we’ve carved pumpkins together, hashtag cute.

Jamie went for the classic spooky pumpkin, whilst I went for a really adorable minnie and mickey design (disney 4ever).


I used a design that I found on Pinterest- If you just type in disney pumpkin carving, there’s thousands!

Finally, I went on a halloween night out as a vampire (aka I wore all black and did a slightly Vampire-ish makeup look with some stuck on teeth). It looked super pretty and sparkly though! Here’s me with the girls too-

img_5632img_5646I used urban decay vice 2 to create my eye look and my lips are Mac Cremesheen in Hang Up.

All in all I had a lovely little week of Halloween celebrations and now can’t wait for CHRISTMAS! X x x



January favourites

Anyone else starting to hate winter? Now that christmas is over, I am so done with it, especially since there’s no snow to play in. Pretty much every other day I’m on a website looking at flights for places to go in the summer. I want heat and beaches and pools and sunbathing. So here is a list of some of the things that have been getting me through the grey month of January 🙂

Topshop eyeshadow in WAX & WANE 


My lovely friend Lily introduced me to this eyeshadow when she let me try it out in Brighton. Ever since then I was obsessed with it, but couldn’t bring myself to spend £9 on one eyeshadow. So when I needed to top-up my topshop jean order to get to the free delivery minimum spend, I knew what I was buying!


This is the best swatch I can get of it, because it is iridescent so it changes in the lights. The best way I can describe it is tones of purple, peach and blue that look so beautiful together. I love putting this all over my lid with a darker shade of purple through the crease.


I got this journal for christmas all the way from Canada. I’m so excited to own something Kate Spade! As someone who loves stationary and knows the perfect notepad for herself, this one ticked a lot of boxes (must sit properly when opened, must be quite thick, must have nice paper to write on). It has so many pages, pretty embossed gold sections and like six bookmark ribbons. Woah. Anyone looking for a present for someone- I think this is a adorable buy..

_MG_2373-min_MG_2369-min_MG_2371-minAnd now I just spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at Kate Spade homeware and gift items that I never knew existed (along with flights and holidays).



I’ve included this product, because basically I’m a sucker for anything that makes my cheeks shiny and illuminated and pretty. At £23, this product isn’t crazy expensive or crazy cheap, but I think is a must buy for anyone who likes to contour with a bit of sparkle (me). It can also be used as a base underneath your foundation for when you have a tan (real or fake) and it gives a beautiful glow to your make-up. I definitely recommend this product, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t sit on your skin well if the product underneath hasn’t had long enough to set, so I only use it on days when I have the luxury of plenty of time to do my make up.



The Clinique clarifying lotion (not sure why it’s called a lotion when it’s got the consistency of water) is what I’ve been using to take off my face make up this month. My mum had told me like 1000000 times how bad make up wipes are for your skin, so I started using this for my face with the Clinique eye make up solvent for my eyes (also very good). I’d say this has made my skin a lot better, and it certainly is far nicer than scrubbing my face with a make up wipe.

The Urban Decay all nighter setting spray I kind of got on a whim because I wasn’t sure about how good it would be. Although my makeup obviously deteriorates throughout the day with it on, it looks soooo much better than usual. It’s also really refreshing to spray all over my face after putting all my makeup on :).



Lastly, I am absolutely loving these khaki heels from asos (despite the fact they haven’t touched anything but carpet yet). I am waiting to be taken out for classy drinks somewhere amazing first… :). These are a lot higher than usual for me, but it’s nice to have a pair of shoes that you are excited to wear, that you know will make you feel special. Plus, I love everything that is khaki ever.

I have also been loving Making a Murderer on Netflix… Obviously. I love it when a programme grabs you to the point where you have to watch it all as quick as you can (hello 125 episodes of PLL in pretty much one month). I wish there was more than ten episodes, but I hear a season two might be in the making!
Let me know what you guys have been loving this month…