7 months since my last blogpost… oops. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let me start by saying I’m not hugely into halloween, but I am also a sucker for any holiday, so I had to do a few things.

Firstly, I baked a halloween cake. This was as much for the bake off final gathering we hosted as halloween, but it’s orange and brown so you know. Halloween.

I used a standard chocolate cake recipe, then iced it with orange coloured buttercream (I’ve been trying to get good at this- for my birthday I got so much baking stuff :D) and finally added a dark chocolate ganache as drips down the side.


P.s I took this photo when it was half eaten and falling apart. So professional.

Secondly, and this will come as no great surprise, my boyfriend and I carved some pumpkins together! We realised that this is the 4th year in a row we’ve carved pumpkins together, hashtag cute.

Jamie went for the classic spooky pumpkin, whilst I went for a really adorable minnie and mickey design (disney 4ever).


I used a design that I found on Pinterest- If you just type in disney pumpkin carving, there’s thousands!

Finally, I went on a halloween night out as a vampire (aka I wore all black and did a slightly Vampire-ish makeup look with some stuck on teeth). It looked super pretty and sparkly though! Here’s me with the girls too-

img_5632img_5646I used urban decay vice 2 to create my eye look and my lips are Mac Cremesheen in Hang Up.

All in all I had a lovely little week of Halloween celebrations and now can’t wait for CHRISTMAS! X x x



Jailbreak 2016

Okay, so first things first, I haven’t blogged in almost 2 months. 😦 I’ve been sooo busy with my dissertation experiment, writing up essays and generally being a boring third year. But I’ve also been working hard on something very fun. Back at the start of February, Jamie and I signed up to participate in a charity Jailbreak! For anyone who doesn’t know, a jailbreak is an event in which you have 48 hours to get away from where you are (in our case, our university- UEA) without spending any money at all. We were sponsored to do so by our family and friends, all of which went directly to Macmillan Cancer Support 💚. As soon as I heard it was for Macmillan this year, I knew I had to sign up 🙂

Once we signed up, our hard work started. We really wanted to set a new record for furthest distance travelled (UEA’s record is Dubai- about 3300 miles). To do so, we were going to need to be sponsored by a business for a flight! This proved pretty tricky, but we managed to get sponsored in the end, in exchange for some promotional material for them. Although it wasn’t easy, many companies want to do their bit for charity. We put a lot more work into raising money for Macmillan as this was the most important part for us.

When the day finally came around, I was really nervous. We had our flights organised but we still had to get to Gatwick somehow. We got our Macmillan t-shirts and then set off!


Hitch-hiking to Gatwick was definitely the most difficult part of the day. We managed to do it in an impressive four cars. Some lifts would take 10 minutes to arrived, others we were stranded for two hours wondering what the hell we were going to do. One thing I can say, is that hitch hiking is a great experience that made me feel a lot better about the human race! Haha.


After arriving at Gatwick, we managed to get some food and also tried to get some more donations in our bucket. By this point we were both shattered and got some much needed sleep, ready for our final 24 hours and flight!!

Fast forward to the next morning and we were on our flight (all be it nearly 3 hours delayed). It took about 8 hours, with a little bit of turbulence.


And we landed in… Toronto! 🙂
As our 48 hours weren’t up by this time, we had to sneak on a train to get into downtown from the airport. Which we obviously got caught for and had to spend a while talking our way out of. Once we arrived, we spent a while taking promotional pictures for Macmillan and the companies that sponsored us in front of a few landmarks, like the CN tower. Exhausted after all of this, we retired to our apartment, which turned out to have a view much better than we could ever have imagined..


Most importantly, at the end of the Jailbreak we had raised over £1300 for Macmillan. I’m truly proud of myself for raising so much for a charity that is so important.  💚

Warner Bros Studio

Last week I went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London (or as I like to call it, Harry Potter Land). Before I get into it and anyone gets bored reading, I just have to say.. YOU HAVE TO GO!!.. I had such a good day here. Although I like Harry Potter, I wouldn’t say I’m a huuuge fan, and I think that anyone could have a really fun time.


Buy Harry Potter glasses and walk around like a dork all day.


Get the typical photo of you pushing your trolley into platform 9 3/4. (Gryffindor scarf optional).


Find your favourite wand at Ollivanders (spending £80 on Lucius Malfoy’s super ridiculous wand like my cousin, also optional).


This was my favourite, it was one of the death eaters’ wands, but I can’t remember which one 😦 i’ll buy it next time tho..


Harry Potter’s actual Hogwarts acceptance letter is somewhere in the studios. It’s so cool. Find it.


I went whilst ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ was on (I think November-January). Although it was so pretty, I wouldn’t worry massively about trying to get there for it. The magical christmas pudding was awesome though.


The gift shop is as fun as the actual tour, and there is so much good stuff. You’ll definitely want a souvenir, I got a Hogwarts flag 🙂


Side note to finish: Emma Watson and I are HAND TWINS. YAY! (Soz about my horribly painted nails, I’m not good at that shiiiiz).