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Last week I went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London (or as I like to call it, Harry Potter Land). Before I get into it and anyone gets bored reading, I just have to say.. YOU HAVE TO GO!!.. I had such a good day here. Although I like Harry Potter, I wouldn’t say I’m a huuuge fan, and I think that anyone could have a really fun time.


Buy Harry Potter glasses and walk around like a dork all day.


Get the typical photo of you pushing your trolley into platform 9 3/4. (Gryffindor scarf optional).


Find your favourite wand at Ollivanders (spending £80 on Lucius Malfoy’s super ridiculous wand like my cousin, also optional).


This was my favourite, it was one of the death eaters’ wands, but I can’t remember which one 😦 i’ll buy it next time tho..


Harry Potter’s actual Hogwarts acceptance letter is somewhere in the studios. It’s so cool. Find it.


I went whilst ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ was on (I think November-January). Although it was so pretty, I wouldn’t worry massively about trying to get there for it. The magical christmas pudding was awesome though.


The gift shop is as fun as the actual tour, and there is so much good stuff. You’ll definitely want a souvenir, I got a Hogwarts flag 🙂


Side note to finish: Emma Watson and I are HAND TWINS. YAY! (Soz about my horribly painted nails, I’m not good at that shiiiiz).




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  1. I went last week too, on the 11th!! I’m a huge fan, and I’ve just started a Harry Potter themed blog; with my first post being a review of my tour experience. IF you have time, could you check it out and give me feedback please, I’ve never written a blog before


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