A year in trips

I did quite a bit of exploring in 2015, both in England and abroad, particularly in the latter half of the year. It’s something that I’d love to continue into 2016. Travelling to a new place whether it’s 10 or 1000 miles away always makes me feel refreshed and happy. Very very happy. So it’s important to look back on all the places I’ve been so I can think about all the places I can still go! So, in no particular order..

Spa break and night in a hotel in Norwich. Thanks to my best friend Amber, who got me this for my 21st birthday. I always have the loveliest time with you, and nobody makes me laugh quite like you. (Here’s us dancing on the bed being superstars- I couldn’t make these any bigger cos you can see our bums).


A few trips to Birmingham. I’d never been to Birmingham before this year, but I have now been a few times. It’s a really big, busy city so there’s always something to do. I experienced my first proper football match here! (Still can’t believe there’s no commentary in the stadium). Plus someone special lives there, so you know. I’d better go..


My first girls holiday in Barcelona. I’d never really fancied the 18-25 clubbing holidays in Malia etc, but this year a few of us managed to get away to Barcelona! In our own cute little apartment, we had the best time all together. Barcelona is truly an amazing city, it has everything- a beach whilst still feeling like a city, a super crazy nightlife and a lot of history
to see.


London with my parents- I finally explored Shoreditch and it’s rooftop bars and restaurants, but also saw my favourites- Oxford Street and Covent Garden. There’s nothing like a little trip to London to remind you what an amazing place you live in.

IMG_1410-minIMG_1411 (1)-min

Big weekend in Norwich- Okay, since I kind of live in Norwich, I guess this isn’t technically a trip or anything, but it was so busy that it felt like one and I couldn’t bring myself to leave it out- definitely a highlight of 2015 and something that I’ll never forget. UEA is definitely wonderful. 


My birthday trip to Paris. I’ve well and truly blogged the shit out of my trip to Paris but I couldn’t leave it out of the list! Just a few last pictures.. And then I’ll stop.. (At least I mixed it up by posting some GoPro ones)


Family holiday to Morocco. A short trip to Marrakech with my parents in the summer was really beautiful. Our little hotel was unforgettable and it was great to spend some quality time together just us three, even if my mum fell down a hole because she was looking at a cow on the roof of a building and had to get 4 stitches (really).


Birthday trip to Brighton. One messy night in Brighton for our 21sts was also unforgettable (except for the intoxicated bits). We actually managed to all get together which is an achievement within itself, and I really enjoyed Brighton. I can’t wait to hopefully visit again this year!

IMG_1564 (1)-min

So.. Where should I go next?..