Christmas 2015

I’m writing this LONG blogpost so I can have it as a memory of all the amazing things that I did in December 2015, as it definitely was one of the most busy Christmases I’ve had, but also because I took lots of pretty pictures whilst doing it which I really want to share, haha.

1) Experienced Christmas in another country (Paris)
Since I’ve already done a whole blogpost about Paris, I’ll keep this one short, but I can’t leave it out entirely! Paris was full of Christmassy things to do and see and I experienced so much while I was there. I’ll always remember that they call Churros ChiChis and having the poshest McDonalds of my life in the louvre with Jamie.


2) Had a Christmas Dinner with the girls
It was really lovely to get back together after getting home from uni and the first thing we did was have a christmas dinner together at Lauren’s house. I cannot cook for the life of me, so I just chopped Carrots (really well though). We all wore christmas jumpers and played christmas games and ate a lot and spoke about our best and worst moments of the year.


3) Went ice skating.. Twice
I went ice skating in two places this year. I love to ice skate, especially as I’m good at it! It also makes me feel really wintery and festive. Going with my friends and family meant that I got to enjoy it with lots of people I love and also meant I could double show off.


4) Did a lot of baking
Here’s a long one.. I do really enjoy baking but being a poor student, I always pick a night out over buying ingredients to bake.. Oopsie. Anyways, whilst being home, a lot of the ingredients are already in the cupboards, so I can sneak in there and get baking. All of them were christmas themed and I’ll leave the recipe link with them all in case you aren’t quite ready to let christmas go yet (I’m not).

Gingerbread (obvs)- I decorated them to look like my family/friends and gave them to them.


Baked Oranges– Used for decoration rather than to eat, but soooo pretty. I just followed Zoella’s blogpost for this one.


Cornflake wreaths- So messy. So fun.


Victoria sponge– Mary Berry’s ‘all in one’ recipe. Such a taaasty cake and really fun to decorate! I filled it with extra thick cream and jam, and decorated it with icing sugar, strawberries, gingerbread, edible glitter, and other bits I bought.


5) Walked my doggies. I’m definitely guilty of not doing this enough, so while I am home for the holidays I have taken them out on long walks a few times. I always enjoy it once I make the effort to do it. Plus I usually dress them up in cute christmas outfits.. To keep them warm.

6) Most importantly, I spent lots of time with loved ones. I’ve been ice skating with my mum & auntie, made a gingerbread house with my uncle, watched lots of films with my dad, been dog walking with my cousin, eaten out lots with Jamie, drank lots with my girls and spent New Years Eve with lots of my uni pals. Christmas 2015 has been up there with the best.

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